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thanks for waking up with us. >> it is wednesday, april 3. thanks for watching "fox & friends" first. time for your five at five, the top five stories making news at this hour. the search is on for these two inmates on the run. brian allege -- brian allen tucker and john king managed to break out of jail in texas by tampering with a fence in a recreation yard. yesterday police found their jail uniforms on railroad tracks. both men are believed to be only wearing t-shirts and boxers. one of them awaiting trial on a capital murder charge.
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>> the american build-up in the korean peninsula continues this morning. the pentagon is now confirming to us the u.s.s. decatur has been sent to the region, a warship has been sent to respond to any military threats. yesterday the u.s.s. mccain was sent to the western pacific. lieutenant colonel ollie north is worried about the obama administration's actions. >> what's this administration doing? ratcheting up the rhetoric. there was a president by the name of teddy roosevelt who gave us a great axiom for how to deal with this. ronald reagan said peace through strength. teddy roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick. >> the top u.s. commander in south kor has never seen the region as tense as it is right now. concerns prompted a federal prosecutor to case in texas involving a white supremacist gang. the gang is being investigated for the
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murders of the mcclellands and mark hasse. jay riley was working on a case against 34 members but sent a letter to defense attorneys saying he has stepped down. >> i understand why someone would want to step back, and it makes sense to me. especially people who have families. >> officials didn't specify what the security issue was. a u.s. attorney from d.c. will now take over the case. >> brand-new details about a man suspected of killing a colorado prison chief. it turns out evan evil tampered with his ankle bracelet before that murder took place but it took a parole officer five days to check up on him. one showed up at his house before the murder but eb he l wasn't there. he was let out of prison because of clerical mistakes. he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the gun found at the scene
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matched the ones used in a crime at colorado. a preview of 2016? vice president joe biden and hillary clinton sharing the stage at the voices event. it recognizes those who improved the plight of women around the world. it is presumed clinton and biden are widely eyeing a white house bid and some democrats pushed the clinton-biden ticket. the event was clinton's second public appearance since stepping down from the state department. that's your five at 5. >> just a few hours from now president obama heads to colorado to push for new gun control legislation. but he's coming under some serious fire for using decades-old information to sell a key part of his plan. we're live from washington. >> president obama barack obama continues his pressure campaign on a reluctant congress to pass federal gun control legislation. he's heading to colorado to meet with police and local lawmakers displaying a gun control package signed into
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law by governor john hick looper, yet his arguments are supposedly full of stale statistics. 40% of all gun purchases were made without a background check, but that number is almost 20 years old. >> why wouldn't we want to make it more difficult for a dangerous person to get his or her hand on a gun? why wouldn't we want to close the loophole that allows as many as 40% of all gun purchases to take place without a background check? why wouldn't we do that? >> that 40% bit was pulled from a study where 251 answered the question about where they got their guns. now we're hearing from groups like the washington gun association. members held a press conference yesterday offering a number of alternatives including allowing school personnel to carry firearms and more attention to those who are
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suffering from mental issues. >> the united states secret service, when they released their study, found that 71% of attackers felt threatened or bullied. that's not an excuse, but it is a pre-indicator as to steps that a school can take to identify a threat but also to have proper mental health responses in a school environment. >> after colorado, the president will continue his campaign. he'll be heading to connecticut next week. he wants stricter universal background checks and at least a voting congress on the assault weapons ban as well as more magazine restrictions. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. >> now stories you can bank on this morning. the labor department is handing out millions of dollars to help some americans get jobs. this money is only available to people with juvenile records. lauren simonetti joins us in the fox business network.
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>> very interesting. job applicants may soon be competing not only with college grads but maybe even young people who have spent time in juvenile detention. the labor department is giving $26 million in grants to help young people ages 16 to 24 who have a juvenile arrest. it's called the face-forward program and the grants will sport job training and -- support job training and education to help them overcome that stigma of having a record and therefore it could improve their job prospects. it is not clear which types of jobs and industries the group will provide training for, but it is clear that the labor department believes in second chances and helping young people reenter society. >> i understand that, helping them get rehabilitated but i'm sure it is causing a lot of controversy. >> essentially yeah. >> a lot of people are doing good things and they are not getting millions of dollars to find jobs. >> essentially the labor department feels this group is so young let's not ruin their chances of a better life so early. >> march auto sales
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released what are the top five vehicles? >> great auto sales for march. america is getting back to work and needs pickup trucks to do so. strong demand for trucks drove u.s. auto sales, the highest monthly total since summer 2007. look at this top five. it shows you where we're putting our money. the honda accord and toyota camry at 4 and 56789 -- number 4 and 5. nissan altima at number 3. the chevy silverado, both pickups. detroit sold 14% more pickups last month and is expected to continue to rise into early next year. >> people want trucks. >> american-made activity is back up. you need pickup trucks to build houses, manufacturing, you name it. >> good to see you this morning. heather, over to you.
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>> it is time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. good morning, maria. it may be spring in parts of the country but there is snow somewhere? >> that's right. we are setting record snowfalls across sections of the northeast. syracuse, new york, yesterday set a record at 10.5 inches of snow. lake-effect snow still ongoing. we have more snow showers coming down now. that record of 10.5 inches in syracuse is not just a record as far as the most for that day but also the record for the most snow recorded for any day during the month of april. we're talking record snowfalls here. it's april and still looking like winter across sections of the northeast. a couple more inches will still be possible off of the great lakes for today. keep that in mind if you're doing traveling. otherwise across the south we have an area of low pressure producing areas of very heavy rain across portions of louisiana moving into mississippi and even throughout texas. we also had pretty strong storms associated with this
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system. on the back end of it it is cold enough that we've had a little bit of snow coming down across sections of the texas and oklahoma panhandles. a little bit of accumulation has been recorded in spots. keep in mind travel along interstate 10 will be an issue. the other concern, it is still cold out there. the midwest and northeast, current temperatures in the 20's. minneapolis and chicago, high temperatures not too bad. minneapolis at 50. >> stunning views from the top of the world trade center. officials reveal the very first look at the observation deck 102 floors up. and when it opens to the public, it will be a lot more than a room with a view. our wnyw reporter gives us a peek at what is planned for that. >> it is a view that will take your breath away. 1,250 feet above the ground, this is what it looks like from the 100th floor of the new one world
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trade center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere. when complete officials promise it will be more than a pretty sky scraper. >> one world trade center originally intended to be a symbol of our resilience, our strength, our rebuilding, is now the defining image of lower manhattan. >> in time you'll be able to capture your own iconic images from the deck now called one world observatory. spectacular views alone are worth the trip up, but the team on the project says when you come up 100 floors you'll get more than the views. the tour will begin at the bottom. the company behind the experience took us on a virtual tour starting with the first steps inside. >> you then go into an area where you hear the voices of the world trade center. these are people who participated in building the trade center. >> there will be historical background on new york city and even details on the stone that is the building foundation.
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our elevator ride was actually three elevator rides and took a few minutes. but visitors will be whisked to the top in 60 seconds amidst animated l.e.d. screens. when they arrive at this docking station. >> the theater opens up in a dramatic way to reveal the views. >> we're using the word experience. that's what it will be. an immersive educational experience. >> one world observatory is expected to bring in $875 million to the port authority over 15 years. visitors will get their first chance to see this place in 2015. >> looks like it will be a beautiful view but still hard to see thinking about what happened on 9/11 and all those lives lost. >> it is now 12 minutes after the hour and coming up, even homeland security chief janet napolitano uses the term. >> they are immigrants who are here illegally. >> here is the question:
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why is the associated press now refusing to use the term "illegal immigrants"? we'll tell you about that. >> a college hoops shocker. disturbing video of the rutgers head university coach attacking the player. even worse the school knew about it for months. the gasoline average $3.54, i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> it is now 15 minutes after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while sleeping. former south carolina governor mark sanford one step closer to political redemption. he won a republican run-off for his old congressional seat. he held that seat for three terms. many have written him off after he acknowledged having an extra marital affair four years ago. sanford will face democratic elizabeth
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colbert bush. >> gun rights supporters say it is a sad day for the united states, the u.s. joining with the majority of the u.n. to approve a trade treaty. critics say it lets the u.n. govern our lives. the u.n. was against the treaty -- the u.s. was against the treaty until president obama took office. >> brew on this question of the day. don't call them illegal immigrants. the associated press is now dropping that term from its style book and no longer allowing its reporters to use it in their work. the a.p. senior vice president says the term illegal can only be used to describe an action and not a person. many immigration activists have been asking journalists to lose the word saying illegal immigrants actually dehumanizes people. but even homeland security secretary janet napolitano uses it. take a look what she said
2:17 am
last week when asked by reporters what term to use. >> i don't get caught up in the vocabulary wars. they are immigrants who are here illegally. that is an illegal immigrant. they are immigrants who are here without documents, that is an undocumented immigrant. >> we want to know do you think the term "illegal immigrant" is fair to use? send your comments to us. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail and we will read some of those later in the show. >> disturbing video of rutgers basketball coach mike rice abusing players at practices. espn airs an video where he is seen hurling basketballs, shoving and even kicking players. rice is even seen throwing a ball at a player's head. rutgers admits it is considering letting him go amid widespread outrage about this this morning. the school knew about this video since november. rice is suspended for three games and fined $50,000 a month later. the former assistant coach
2:18 am
blew the whistle on the abuse. >> to see your coach physically putting his hands on players, physically kicking players and firing balls at players from point-blank range, the verbal abuse, the belittling, i was like in total shock that this guy wasn't fired. >> the video shows rice yelling homophobic slurs. murdoch is considering suing for wrongful termination. the school says he was fired for insubordination. >> the time is 18 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown, our first look inside that deadly florida sink hole that swallowed a man who was asleep above it in his bed. >> lady gaga and angela jolie are used to being in the spolt but this time -- used to being in the spotlight but this time
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they have been left overexposed. we'll tell you why.
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>> it is now 122 minutes after the hour. here's a quick look at headlines. he couldn't stay away for long. louisville guard kevin ware returning to campus right after he was released from the hospital. he's getting around pretty well on those crutches and seems to be in good spirits two days after that horrific injury. he's hoping to head to atlanta for the final four this weekend. >> the star of the mtv reality show "buck wild"
2:23 am
we're hearing died from carbon dioxide poisoning. police found him, an uncle and a friend on monday inside a muddy bronco. authorities believe gas fumes filled the inside of the cabin because of the a quad exhaust pipe. the men were out four wheeling. the celebrity hacker website back up and running this morning this time exposing financial secrets of six more victims including angelina jolie and lady gaga. it was shut down after exposing information of michelle obama. >> president obama exposing a new project to study the human brain. he says it is a step to better treat diseases like alzheimer's. >> at the white house an ambitious new effort to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. >> the president of the united states -- >> president obama
2:24 am
announcing he's launching a project to study and map the human brain. if successful, could result in new treatments and cures for brain-related disorders like alzheimer's, parkinson's, epilepsy and autism. >> the brain initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think and how we learn and how we remember. >> the project called brain stands for brain research through advancing innovative neuro technologies. it aims to map the human brain much like the human genome project is unlocking new scientific research. the director of the national institutes of health says the $100 million price tag is worth it. >> some may ask how we can afford to talk about investing in bold new research in difficult budgetary times? but the reality is we can't afford not to. >> if researchers can fully understand how the brain works, they hope to develop
2:25 am
cures for brain diseases like alzheimer's, which currently affects five million people at a cost of $200 billion a year. >> imagine if no family had to feel helpless watching a loved one disappear behind the mask of parkinson's or struggle in the grip of epilepsy. imagine if we could reverse traumatic brain injury or ptsd for veterans coming home. >> the program would be funded with $100 billion from president barack obama's first 2014 budget. the white house says it is in line with its state of the union pledge to increase funding for scientific research to spur economic growth. >> it is now 25 after the top of the hour. coming up, at first, the administration says the sequester cuts left america vulnerable on the border, but now they have a different story. >> i'm saying -- >> absolutely not. you're editorializing.
2:26 am
>> that heated exchange between fox's ed henry and the white house spokesperson jay carney coming up. >> we'll tell you about a neighborhood about to become home to some seriously dangerous criminals. we'll tell you about a plan to move terminally ill prisoners into a nursing home near you. >> first on this day in history, in 1981 the osbourne 1, that was a computer. it was the first successful portable computer. it doesn't look very portable. >> that was unveiled in san francisco. >> times have changed. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends" first. it is now half past the hour. we have some extremely disturbing video to show you. this is rutgers basketball coach mike rice. he's abusing his players at practices. look at this right here. espn airing the video where the coach is seen hurling basketballs, shoving and kicking players. he's also seen throwing a ball at a player's head. rutgers admits that it's considering letting him go after this amid widespread outrage that the school knew about the video since november. a month later rice was suspended for three games and fined 50,000 bucks. former assistant coach eric murdoch blew the whistle on
2:31 am
abuse. listen to this. >> unbelievable to me that somebody would feel that that technique can be successful. >> the videos also show rice yelling homophobic slurs. murdoch is considering suing for wrongful termination. the school says he was fired for insubordination. >> a man who spent more than 40 years in prison for arson is free. he cut a deal with prosecutors, pleaded no contest to the charges in exchange for freedom. taylor was accused of starting a fire at a hotel in tucson, arizona in the 1970's. 29 people died. he maintains he didn't do it. >> how does it feel to be out after 40-something years. >> feels good to feel mother earth under my feet. >> prosecutors said they still think he's guilty, but a lack of evidence and living witnesses would have made a new trial impossible. >> how would you feel with prisoners living next door to you? residents in rocky hill,
2:32 am
connecticut, are furious over a plan to move 95 terminally ill prisoners into a nursing home right in their backyard. the state says it will save taxpayers millions of dollars because prisoners don't qualify for medicaid if they stay locked up. it also says it's only moving inmates who aren't a threat to the public. >> i would not let my children play in the yard. it just wouldn't -- i wouldn't feel safe letting them play in the one place they should feel safe. >> rocky hill filed a suit to challenge the state's plan. >> new video showing the first up close look inside that deadly sink hole in florida from february. the footage taken by a contractor who examined that hole shortly before the house was demolished. you can see there is almost no floor remaining in jeff bush's bedroom. his body was never recovered after he was swallowed by the ground there. we have learned the two homes that were evacuated after the sink hole open will now be condemned. >> fox news confirming the
2:33 am
president and first lady obama will attend the opening of george bush's presidential library this month. the former president and laura bush will dedicate the library on april 25. it is a 23-acre facility and it houses more than 43,000 artifacts from bush's presidency. it is set to open to the public on may 1. that is your five at 5. >> speaking of the presidents, in a few hours, president obama heads to colorado. he's making the trip to help revive gun control efforts which appear to be stalling on capitol hill. we're following the story live from washington. >> good morning. there is a political reality here in washington and around the country for that matter. support for new gun control measures is fading. the real problem for the white house here really is time. it's been well over three months since those brutal attacks in connecticut at sandy hook elementary
2:34 am
school as the president takes his scaled-down gun control message to colorado. >> i noted and the president has noted that when it comes to background checks, the measure you mentioned, this is something supported by over 90% of the american people. >> not anymore, though. public support for a whole host of gun control ideas has been flipping since just january according to one fox news poll. but the president is hoping to leverage what backing remains and build pressure on lawmakers to take action. the national rifle association meantime is pushing its own response plan. they're out with a new study to back their idea to train one person in each school to carry a firearm, something they say could have helped in connecticut. >> we did not have response capability. you had teachers giving up their lives. so we don't want teachers to have to do that. >> while support for gun control at the national level may be flagging, in some individual states it's a different story. connecticut today is going to be pushing a strict new
2:35 am
gun control laws that go after high-capacity magazines and call for strict new background checks. the president is going to colorado today in large part because that state has done something similar. ainsley? >> all right. thanks, doug. time now for a look at who's talking. a heated exchange between fox's ed henry and the white house spokesman jay carney. >> the discussion started when henry pressed carney on u.s. customs and border protection now deciding to reevaluate its plans to furlough employees and cut overtime. this coming despite weeks ago homeland security chief janet napolitano saying this: >> look, i don't think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester as without sequester. we're going to do, and are doing everything we can within the limits sequester gives us. but as i was mentioning earlier, if you have 5,000 pure border patrol hours or
2:36 am
agents, you have 5,000 fewer border patrol agents, that has a real impact. >> were those comments just an attempt to scare the american people about sequestration? that is exactly what ed henry tried to find out. >> the secretary came in here and said that we were going to be less safe, people would be crossing the border because there are less border patrol agents. they announced yesterday we're not doing that. i'm not saying it's not important. i'm saying -- >> absolutely not scaring the public. you're editorializing enormously in that. >> how so? february 25, she said if you have 5,000 fewer border patrol hours or agents, you have 5,000 fewer border patrol agents. that has a real impact. >> the impact of the sequester will not all be immediate. if you can predict to me when the sequester will end, if it will end, when republicans will make the fateful decision to fund border patrol agents or fund our national security interests or fund head
2:37 am
start at appropriate levels rather than continue to extend tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected, tell me when that happens and then we can assess what damage was done after the fact. >> the white house has previously come under fire for what critics said was an exaggeration of sequestration effects. >> time to entertain this. jimmy fallon's march to inherit the tonight show is reportedly near completion. sources say he closed a new deal with nbc but the network is debating when to announce this transition. also still in the air, staebgt when fallon will -- exactly when fallon will take over leno's spot. >> jim henson's partner in the muppets died. jane henson was 78 years old. >> a sequel to finding nemo is now in the works.
2:38 am
this little fish dory is called finding dory, the new film. the focuhat fish and the forgetful dory. due in theaters november 15. kids love that movie. >> your top sports stories, so close yet so far for the rangers, hugh darvish. pwhro*ebg -- blowing a perfect game against the astros with one out left. fans shocked. they thought they were about to witness history. the fans gave darvish a standing ovation and texas still won 7-0. a magical night in miami for carmelo anthony. he was on fire against the
2:39 am
heat scoring 50 points. that ties a career high. the heat played without lebron james and dwayne wade. new york won 102-90. wichita state isn't just playing for the ncaa championship. it's playing for pizza today. pizza hut, which was founded in wichita, and is promising to give free pizzas to all the wichita state students if the school wins a championship. >> a lot of pizza. >> every college student loves that. >> before you leave the house let's get your first degree weather forecast. hi, maria, in the weather center. >> good morning. chilly temperatures across the northern half of the country. we're seeing them well below average. look at some of the current wind chill temperatures, what it feels like when you head out the door. in the 20's for kansas city, minneapolis, new york city and parts of maine, single digit current wind chill temperatures. as you head into the afternoon hours a little
2:40 am
better for places like new york city. 47 degrees will be your high temperature. 50 in the city of minneapolis. some of this cold air is helping produce lake-effect snow. we should continue to see a few snow showers off the lakes as we head into basically the rest of the morning. that will continue to wind down. that is a little bit of good news drying out across areas across the great lakes. across parts of the south we are not doing drying out. we have an area of low pressure producing areas of very heavy rain across louisiana moving into parts of mississippi, new orleans. it is going to be a soggy morning commute for you this morning on the backside of the system, we have a winter weather advisory. snow coming down in parts of the texas and oklahoma panhandle. >> snow in texas. thanks so much. 20 minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, your taxes paid for them, so should the government make sure people who receive food stamps aren't criminals? that's happening in one state. plus ready, set, and ainsley, ready to shop? the next time you get in
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>> good morning. it is 44 minutes after the hour. let's span the globe and see what stories are making headlines. first to the gaza strip, where israel has been forced to defend itself with its first attack on gaza since the eight-day war last november. israel says it launched an airstrike after it came under attack from several rockets. next to england. a guy using a homemade bomb blowing up an a.t.m. machine to steal the cash inside. the suspect was eventually arrested. police say it was a lucky thing that explosion didn't cause injuries or more damage. >> finally, to sydney, australia, where the famous opera house was lit up in blue for world autism day. other famous landmarks around the globe: japan, the philippines and india
2:45 am
also turning blue to raise awareness for that disorder. >> people in north carolina applying for food stamps about to undergo criminal background checks to qualify for the government aid. this after legislators voted for this bill. fox business network diane macedo has the story. >> north carolina's house and human services committee voted to require criminal background checks for anyone seeking welfare and food stamps from the state but the legislation provides no funding for those checks. that's one of the issues here. federal law prohibits certain fugitives from receiving public benefits and the department of social services currently has the option of performing formal background checks but it can also take people at their word that they're not in trouble with the law. the bill's sponsors say that is not enough and also take issue with the d.s.s. not providing criminal information to the police. the bill aims to not only require background checks but the d.s.s. office would have to tell law
2:46 am
enforcement agencies if the applicant is a fugitive or wanted on an outstanding warrant. the big question seems to be who will pay for these background checks and whether they'll apply to current recipients. according to the state department of health and human services there were nearly 822,000 people benefitting from food stamps in february and more than 21,000 on state welfare in march. you could be looking at millions of dollars here. one of the bill's sponsors says the cost to local government is still unclear but even with that up in the air the measure is on its way to the house floor. >> thank you, diane. it's now 46 after the top of the hour. still ahead, ready, set, shop. the next time you get in trouble for shopping, listen to this. it turns out retail therapy could actually be good for you. >> are you about to take a sip of your morning coffee? if so, you want to stick around for the next segment. it turns out it could be revealing a lot about you. dr. keith ablow here to explain what your gentleman
2:47 am
have gentleman -- what your java is revealing. we've all had ten cups by now, brian. >>brian: you're going to have to take a blood test after the show. coming up between 6 and 9, football coach lou holz about paying players in college. guns and archery, the stars of swamp people are here with a special guest who i believe bites. and we're going prehistoric with t-rex. show me another show exactly like this and i will show you you are lying. "fox & friends" soon. changing the world is exhausting business. with the innovating and the transforming and the revolutionizing.
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it's enough to make you forget that you're flying five hundred miles an hour on a chair that just became a bed. you see, we're doing some changing of our own. ah, we can talk about it later. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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>> you're probably waking up right now. you may like your coffee black or maybe fancier.
2:51 am
however you like your coffee in the morning, it may reveal a lot about your personality. here to explain is psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. there was actually a study done by this. >> good morning. believe it or not, there was a study done, years of research by a psychologist and over 1,000 coffee drinkers surveyed. there's data flowing in, so to speak. >> tell us a little bit about -- >> or dripping in. >> tell us about the personality types. folks who take black coffee, they like it plain and simple. what do we know about that? >> supposedly these people tend to be efficient people. they can be a little bit controlling because they're simple. when you think about it, when you think about somebody ordering black coffee, they often say it like this: just black. they don't tend to be the soft-spoken types. that's because they're clean-cut to some extent. >> what about those -- you get in line at starbucks or whatever and you've got somebody ordering a soy
2:52 am
choy latte with cinnamon and whatever. i'm sure it tastes great but those people are a little bit annoying. what do you know about them? >> first of all, they are specific orderers -- by the way, i'm told you use one and a half splenda. >> sometimes. >> if you're very specific, you may tend to be controlling. but the latte drinkers, the ones who want the frothy milk, they tend to be pleasure seekers according to this research if you believe it. because of that, they can be compassionate but they can also sometimes be taken advantage of because they don't set boundaries. >> then there's those frozen drinks. what do you know about those people? >> supposedly they're trend setters. they love to have fun. but they may not make healthy choices. that's all in the glass, believe it or not. >> those are like a thousand or more calories with all the chocolate and carmel and all that? >> you can tell just by
2:53 am
looking at those drinks that those folks may be more focused on fun than on health. there's music playing in the background of all the choices we make. ronald reagan said the choice of jellybean, the color tells you who the person is. >> finally coffee drinkers. i always grab the starbucks in the morning. what does instant coffee say about somebody? >> instant coffee seems to say people who tend to procrastinate a bit and who may be very simple and straightforward but they are procraft nay -- they are procrastinateors, that means they are quickly doing things, maybe would like to brew a cup of coffee but don't have time. why? because they took too long picking out a tie. >> what about those people who like a little bit of everything? >> a little bit of everything, those people are not the voters that we're going to seek in the next election.
2:54 am
a little bit of everything probably means that you can't quite make up your mind and that you're easily swayed. i think the lesson here is that whether it's color of yellly bean or what -- of jellybean or what time you get to the train or what coffee you drink, you're saying something about who you are. >> thanks for shrinking our head. >> thanks, dr. keith. we have so many people who are getting up so early with us, kind of fun to talk about. >> it's now six minutes till the top of the hour. your last chance to answer our question of the day. earlier in the show waoerl tell you about the associate -- we were telling you about the associated press refusing to use the term illegal immigrant. we wanted to know if you think the term is fair to you. your responses next. talk about living on the edge, one man's high-wire act came with a shocking hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
2:55 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
2:56 am
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2:58 am
>> it is now three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. a massive manhunt underway in texas where two inmates are on the run after breaking out of jail. one of those men awaiting trial for capital murder. >> president obama heading to colorado today to try to push gun control efforts. and rutgers university evaluating the status of its basketball coach. this after a video surfacing of mike rice assaulting his players. >> time now to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. the first, the good. a study finds retail therapy actually works. in one experiment people watched a depressing video clip and were then given money to buy a snack. those who did buy that snack were less sad after. researchers believe there is something about the act of choosing that makes you feel better. next the bad, a man on a stolen cab spins out of control but leads police on
2:59 am
a wild chase through the streets of florida. police caught up with him and he faces several charges. finally the ugly, a drunk guy climbs on to a power line in china. the electricity was turned off while he dangled for 15 minutes. he eventually fell into an inflated cushion set up by the fire department. he was drunk indeed, right. it is time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we were telling you how the associated press is ditching the term illegal immigrants because it dehumanizes people they say. so we ask do you think the term illegal immigrant is fair use? here's what some of you had to say. david tweeted us. he said absolutely. they are illegal immigrants. these people broke the law by sneaking into america. dehumanizing? no. it's accurate. pat writes stepping across a national border without proper documentation is an illegal act. what else could it be? >> finally al from florida writes how is using the word illegal alien any more or less a

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